Friday, April 21, 2017

A Dog's Life: Beni's Days at Home

The days are warmer and enjoying the outdoors has been very pleasant. That's why Beni has been enjoying the garden a lot. Of course we did have a blast of cold this week, which had us move into the house as well. So with the weather being all over the place, Beni's life has been all over the place as well. Being a dog, he doesn't have much choice though. So for this post I just wanted to show some snapshots of Beni's Days at Home.

Sleeping in has been most welcome. After I leave for work in the morning, this is where he likes to remain. Pictured down below is the traditional "Give me a bite" look, whenever a treat is out on the table.

Sometimes the begging is fruitful as pieces of food (like the crispy chicken skin shown above) are delivered to him. Down below is his look of pure innocence and love (don't be fooled by it).

Above: Pick me up, I'm part of this! Below: I'm afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so I decided to rest on the table!

As the day comes to an end, Beni finds his way onto the bed and into sleeping mode.

Hopefully the weekend ahead will bring some nice weather for us. Have a great weekend ahead.

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  1. I just love your Beni and the pictures are always awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend and sending greetings over to your place



    1. Thanks Nova. Wish you a great weekend as well!

  2. Beni ist wirklich mein absoluter Favorit und schön gemütlich hat ers bei dir ;-)! GlG Anne

    1. Danke Anne :D
      Ja ihm geht es ganz gut bei uns :D

  3. Beni is an adorable dog, for sure. I love the "pick me up" shot.

  4. I love every single photo of Beni, so sweet. I think my favorite is the pose on the table.. and he does look totally innocent to me

  5. So cute Beni :)) Nice post.
    Happy Weekend.

  6. Beni looks to be happy to have you around. He is an excellent model. Have a great weekend.

  7. Der süße Beni hat ein sehr schönes Leben! :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  8. I'm pretty suspicious of vacuum cleaners too..... Nice pictures!!!

  9. Cute dog!
    I love the 'pick me up' pose

  10. Days at home must be exhausting for Beni... ;) I love the last picture! So cute.


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